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The Fixer

The plan was to write one last scene setter about growing up in the country, kind of, before turning my prose towards topics related to starting up the new band.

Yeah, this eventually would have dissolved into a YouTube link pasting platform, but the idea was that they would be CURATED LINKS to MEANINGFUL CONTENT that EXPANDED THEMES established re: MY LIFE.

Turns out growing up in the country, kind of, is impossible to tightly encapsulate in a coherent manner when your own thoughts about [a lot of it] aren’t entirely resolved.

Also the new band never got started, as new bands tend to do.

Then two years passed (I bought a watch).

So here’s a Pearl Jam song that ROCKS from a Target exclusive that was very reluctantly purchased on a diaper and butt cream expedition shortly before Carson was born.

Marc Maron recently said that when Pearl Jam came out he thought they were basically next generation Bad Company. High School Me would have scoffed at the arrogance of this fuggin’ guy, but Dad Me gets it.

I guess I’m writing about podcasts now too.


Hello Self

OK you judgmental jerks, I’m going to start a blog despite you. Why?

  1. Happy New Year! This is the kind of thing you do in the weeks after Christmas waiting for some sign of Spring to come around.
  2. I’ve been trying to integrate semicolons into my writing; this will be a safe space to practice.
  3. I think a LOT about music and the logical next step is to spew out some notation and YouTube links and try to cohere them into an intelligent argument against gun control.
  4. I’m enjoying Dale McGowan’s music blog, and there should be more of that in the world, so I’m going to do something about it dammit, even though he’s way more musically educated and accomplished than me. Than myself? No, I think it’s than I am. Even though he’s way more musically educated and accomplished than I am, I can write stuff too.
  5. Sloth? I should join a band but I’m feeling super lazy right now. This might fit nicely into my work/home/repeat lifestyle.

So, without further ado, here we go:

Please check back for updates.

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